Upload Files and Warrior Database to SDS's FTP Server

If you need to upload a corrupted database for us to repair or any file related to Warrior Software to our FTP server, Please use the following login information in your FTP client program. You can use any FTP client of your choices.


Please use Winzip program or any free compression utility to compress the database before uploading. By compressing the database to make it smaller, you will reduce the time to upload the database to our FTP server.


There is a free version of FTP client program that you can use. CoreFTP LE 2.2 can be download from www.coreftp.com


Please contact Technical Support.   sds.info@warriorsystem.com to obtain the FTP Server IP Address, Username and Password to connect to our FTP Server.


After you logged in our FTP server, and uploaded file from your local hard drive to Bad Database Upload Only folder on our FTP server. Please send an E-mail to notify David or Jerry about the file you uploaded. You can click on the Contact button of our homepage to see David, Jerry or Greg Email addresses. You will be notified that your database was repaired. Log on our FTP Server again and browse to Repaired Database Download Only folder to download your repaired database.