System Overview

    The Warrior Well Logging System consists of a tool interface and power supply panel, a computer, a printer and optional depth, line speed, line weight panel, and perforating power supply. The software supports most cased hole logging tools from a wide selection of tool manufacturers. The tool interface panel contains the necessary circuits to interface to most cased hole tools, both analog and digital. The depth encoder and line weight interfaces are built into the panel, as is the down hole tool power supply. All functions are digitally controlled from the software, with the power supply having a manual control mode. The panel incorporates data acquisition functions primary DSP based, that interface to the host computer through the industry standard Universal Serial Bus (USB). A seven port USB hub is also incorporated inside the panel allowing a single cable connection to the host computer.
The computer can be almost any machine running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 32 Bit with a USB port, i.e. rack mount or notebook computers may be used. A second monitor may usually be attached to provide a hoistman's or client's display. The system supports most thermal
well log plotters and a selection of color printers. An optional depth, line speed and line weight panel is available. This panel provides 12 VDC powered, independent depth measurement. It connects to the host computer through the USB and can be synchronized from the host depth or the host depth may be read from the depth panel. An optional perforating power supply is available. The software provides all the usual well logging functions and supports tools from a wide selection of manufacturers.

Support Down Hole Tool Types:

Titan , Cedar Bluff Group , Greenspan , Computer Sonics , Tekco , Comprobe, DataCan , Sondex
, Guardian Global Technologies, Madden Systems , Chapel Hill Logging, Hotwell , Artex , Panex, Applied , Probe Technology , IFG , Spartek (ClickHERE to download setup document for Spartek tool for Warrior software 7.0),Robertson Geologging Tools, Xpeic, Geotron KSAT and GOWell.
We can also support new additional customized logging tools, please contact us for further support.

SIE, Computalog , PMC, Gearhart, Pengo, Homco, Maxim, Lee Systems and McCullough

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Warrior Logging System installed in an electric  wireline truck

Warrior Data Acquisition Software

Warrior Logging System installed in a portable case.


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