Warrior General Release Notes - 19 Dec 2013

Warrior 8 Release 2013_09_06001

Global Build

Database Utilities - resizeable dialogs for Alias, Differential, Correlation Curves, Depth Shift, Automerge, Rename.
Mathpack - fix time log outputs.
XY Caliper: CALA (Average Caliper) logged range is now correct; the system hang-up at the end of a recaclulation has been corrected.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_08_07001

SDSTEL support for memory frame definitions
Database select dialog now resizeable for longer database/dataset names.
Remove watermark from pdf documents.
Resizeable database select dialogs - handle long names better.
Tracer detectors option for output units (GAPI, cps or None)
Updated WAMNCH telemetry services to offer downlink slider
Updated Katwell telemetry monitor to control switchable uplink baud rate

Warrior 8 Release 2013_07_02001

Sentinel HASP version 6.56 for Windows 8 support.
Fix error message during Autobackup.
Fix issues with Spartek PLtelemetry utilizing 16 sensor channels and self identifying centralizers
Add CSV (Comma Seperated Value) export option to Warrior Export program.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_06_12001

PXD Boot Loader enhancements
Control Panel External Power Supply type selection (for appropriate hardware) added to Acquisition Configuration
Spectral Gamma Ray tool software using new monitor, supporting preliminary AlphaNeutronics tool type. Raw window count outputs now available (specific tool types)
Support for KatWell Magnetic Thickness Tool
Support for Permaworks PTS01 modified telemetry frame
Support for Titan Compensated Neutron (4ATM)
Enhancement to allow serial port sharing between devices such as ASCTEL and SERMON

Warrior 8 Release 2013_04_10001

Added support for Kuster PT tool telemetry frame
JPT/GOWell TSGT telemetry updates for sequential frame index checking/reporting
Fix ability to add live pass to plot job. To cancel a live hardcopy from Interactive Plot, select File -> 'Abort the current log plot' from Presentation Plot.
Titan "Next Gen" user configurable telemetry initial support (tested with 8 sector bond tool, GR-CCL, GOWell 40 arm caliper)
USR tool module software updated for optional Verification Survey References and Master Verification without Master Calibration
Multifinger Caliper raw sensor readings (non temperature corrected) available for calibration reports.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_02_11001

Applied Freepoint Tool, external power supply support.
Format Editor has simple interface for lists of curves (for example, R1, R2, R3, ... R40 now via R*).
Kuster Telemetry Monitor to more easily visualize tool synchronization.

Warrior 8 Release 2013_01_07001

Updated Warrior USB device drivers (Cypress 3.04.0007.0000)
Slider gain control available for digital CCL signals, configured in the tool module setup.
Katwell Telemetry support for multifinger caliper tools, magnetic thickness tools, gyro tool, GR-Temp tool.
Add selectable unit for porosity - decimal or percentage.
Hunter Well Service PFMT Telemetry support. High Temp Production Logging.

New for Warrior 8

The Warrior 8 release includes many new features incuding support for Unicode, unlimited database size, and 64bit capabilities.

Other new features include:

  • Higher resolution sampling.
  • Realtime multifinger caliper corrections. *
  • Memory Logging (support for Probe UniTool, GOWell and Hunter Well Science). *
  • Easier LAS/LIS export using templates.
  • More complete tool and service backup/restore. Tool diagrams,scripts, formats will all be included.
  • Tools editor will show Logging tools and Accessory tools. Accessory tools can have serial numbers but no software, and can overlay existing tools.
  • Data export - full waveforms can now be exported/imported to/from MSAccess.
  • Multiple pass automerge - easier to sort and scroll.
  • Enhanced control panel.
  • More options for printing to an image.
  • Can use pdf for plot job input.
  • New Installshield installer.
  • Enhanced perf job planner.
  • Interactive plot now a split window with scrollable scales.

* Requires separate license

Warrior 8 databases cannot be read by previous versions of Warrior, but Warrior 8 can read older databases.

Windows XP:

The minimum operating system supported is Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Known issues on Windows XP:

Microsoft has updated the list of third-party certification authorities that are trusted by Windows but on Windows XP this update is not installed automatically. The user must download and install the update package (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931125).

Without this update, Warrior programs may give an 0x800b010a error when starting as the system is unable to verify the digital signature of certain system files. Alternatively, the user can install the two intermediate certificates (primary and secondary) which are found in the Warrior Bin folder. These give an alternative path back to a trusted root certificate.
Multifinger caliper:

Removed presentation options for 'Make window bigger' and 'Bulge factor'. Warrior 7 plots will match Warrior 8 plots by setting both of those parameters to 0 in Warrior 7.